What’s Your Digital Footprint?

PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS AT THIS TIME. The computer, phone, and TV are rapidly merging. It’s happening before our eyes. Why and how? The web. Is your company aware of the impact of this confluence of technology? Are you positioning your company to take advantage of it? Beyond Brick and Mortar can make sure your company is positioned to fully leverage the opportunities surrounding this profound technological transformation. Let us assess, protect, and optimize your company’s Digital Footprint.  

Google Apps for Business Your company’s website is the cornerstone of your Digital Footprint. At Beyond Brick and Mortar, we strive to combine the best possible web design with the rich content today’s sophisticated web users expect from exceptional companies. Let us help you add engaging and informative HD video or active content to your website! Let us make sure that prospective clients find you on the web when they search for what you do! Let us make sure you're maximizing social media platforms to tell your story. Let us show you how to start and maintain a blog! Let us create a mobile app for your business or product! Let Beyond Brick and Mortar become your go-to-resource for your company’s online presence and its Digital Footprint! Contact us to start the dialogue TODAY. The absolute best way for you to communicate a message to your audience is with video content. Beyond Brick and Mortar can shoot, edit, produce, and publish 100% HD video for your website.

An active piece of content like this National Debt Counter below can separate your site from your competitors' sites. Plus, it can sometimes motivate site visitors to return for updated information!
national debt  

More and more people are using their smart phones, tablets, or computers to find you. We can imbed a map with directions to your location!